The Neater Difference

Everybody needs a home full of memories


Sure, we all want the latest design features to wow our friends and enrich our lifestyle. That’s the easy part of designing and building a new home. But the truth is, we want more than that from our personal space. We want the memory of how a special place made us feel, and we want to recreate that in our home. It might be the serenity of a luxury resort on a memorable holiday, or a warm recollection of a friend’s house from childhood. That feeling of being simultaneously relaxed, loved, creatively inspired, fundamentally cheered-up, and (if you’re lucky) enlightened by a new take on life.

And we want quality. We want a home that will take the knocks and weather the seasons as we watch our kids grow.

Neater Homes gives you both.

Interestingly, it’s often the quality you can’t see in a Neater Home that sets us apart from the others. It’s the superior craftsmanship, the preferences for Australian-made products and materials, and the safety ratings that exceed standards. It’s the 100s of hours spent on individual design and planning to give you that unmistakeable feeling every time you walk through your front door. And it’s a home that’s built to last.

You also get a building company that stands behind every home they have created in the last 35 years, and we will do the same for you, for years to come. With nearly four generations of construction experience at Neater Homes, we believe we have discovered the best way to run a healthy and prosperous building company. One where our clients come back time after time, for their second, third and even fourth home.

Neater Homes build exceptional homes of superior quality, and more importantly lifelong relationships that continue from one house to the next, with the back-up and support you need.  This is what we do.

Building you a home that draws your family closer and takes your friends’ breathe away, is why we do it.  That's our difference.

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