The Neater Process

Everybody needs a path to follow


Our first meeting is all about getting to know each other.  We want you to share your ideas, hopes and aspirations for your new home.  You may have saved them on Pinterest, or come armed with a stash of magazine clippings or hand-drawn sketches.  It doesn't matter.  We'll eventually transform them into a concept home design to suite your lifestyle, site and budget.  However, first we'll introduce ourselves, explain our design process, and make sure you're entirely happy with our service and feel comfortable to proceed to the next exciting stage of building.


Visiting your site is a crucial step in the process.  There are so many points to consider such as the contoured shape and slope of the land, the existing trees, the aspect of the sun, the power, water and soil.  When building the home of your dreams, it is tremendously important to ensure the design is suitable for the allotment.  By visiting your site with you, we can establish a real sense of where the home will be positioned, while maximising the space and understanding any challenges that may be presented by the site.


Following the site visit, the briefing will be all about how you and your family live.  What works for you and what doesn't?  How you entertain.  What your family's routine is.  We listen while you tell us everything about your new home.  We will also revisit all those magazine clippings, sketches and Pinterest boards for more detail.  Every detail, no matter how small, will help us understand your family's lifestyle and will be documented in a concise brief which serves as an essential point of reference for everyone throughout the design process.


Now we can really start to plan your dream home.  Our experienced design team will take the briefing and transform it into a documented concept design.  As the concept is developed, we invite you to be involved in the design process.  This allows your ideas, passion, personality and emotions to be embedded into the design of your future home.

We ask that you enter into a preliminary agreement for design services with us at this stage. This agreement provides certainty to you, the client in the following ways;

- The costs associated with design development of a concept and / or working drawings are clearly explained and recorded.

- The deliverables (ie. what you will get) are listed and cleary defined.

- The preliminary investigations such as identification and contour surveys and soil tests which are required to proceed to working drawings are explained.

- Your rights regarding the use of either a concept and / or working drawings.


We believe you should understand where your money is being spent in your home.  So our comprehensive estimate price covers everything you need to know about your inclusions and allowances, eliminating any nasty surprises or cost overruns.


Now the fun part starts!  As your home transitions from concept into working drawings, many crucial decisions and selections will need to be made. We encourage you to visit our trusted suppliers and continue to liaise with our designer.  This is where you get to choose the exciting things like tapware and colours, tiles and kitchen cabinets.


Please be aware that working drawings are separate to concept development. Working drawings are concerned witht he 'nuts and bolts' of how your new home will go together. Working drawings form the blueprints from which the house will be constructed and as such include all relevant structural documentation and detailing which is absent in the concept stage. Working drawings will document your final product and finishes selections, while in concept stage these selections will still be generic.

Once you've accepted our price estimate, we schedule your home into our construction programme and finalise the working drawings, along with your specification selections and Housing Industry Association (HIA) Contract, and present you with your final contract price.  On commencement you will be required to pay your first 5% deposit of the Construction Contract.


During this part of the process, our highly experienced construction team will transform your design and vision into reality, with great care and attention to detail. At Neater, we believe our reputation lies in the detail of the design and quality of the workmanship. So we only use quality tradesmen and contractors and accept nothing less than the best for our clients. We'll keep you up to date with the progress, but you can sit back and relax through this part of the process, knowing your future home is in safe hands.


Congratulations! Your dream home is now complete. We'll invite you to walk through and inspect every nook and cranny to double check all the work has been completed to your satisfaction.  Then we will give you your new keys, remote controls and a comprehensive handover package.


Once you have settled into your new home, there may be some small adjustments such as tweaking the hot water thermostat, paint touch ups or fixing any minor defects that commonly occur during the first six months. Just let us know and our dedicated team will leap into action to fix everything with as little disruption to your family as possible. And you can rest assure knowing you have a further six years and three months structural warranty on your new home during which time we'll repair any major defects that may arise.


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